Become part of a pioneering non-profit organization in the Web3 Space

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Blockchain@Columbia (B@C) is open to complete novices and decentralised geniuses alike. At B@C, you learn about Blockchain basics, dive into complex topics, listen to speakers and launch your own projects. Here is a list of some of the things we do:

  • rocket_launch


    Where you'll learn about the basics, DeFi, NFT's, DApp development, the mathematical underpinnings & more.

  • loyalty


    We have two flagship events: Ledgerfest, our research focused speaker conference, and LionHack, our developer focused hackathon.

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    We give out grants to our members to initiate cool decentralised projects.

  • supervisor_account


    For meeting people with similar interests, preferably with some Columbia-sponsored pizza in hand.

  • tips_and_updates


    We aren't taking a stake in anyone's startup, but we connect people starting up new projects to a helping hand.

  • assignment_ind

    Job Opportunities

    B@C alumni have gone to work at elite firms such as Jump Crypto, 1KX, Polymarket, and many more. We host regular networking events with high-calibert industry participants.

What We Do

Most of the action happens in our Discord, with some general discussion on our Telegram channel. Use the Google Calendar to keep track of events and the discord for all conversations.

Our Partners

We at Blockchain@Columbia are working with industry-leading companies and have established lasting partnerships. Together, we are aiming to facilitate an environment where students can engage with ideas in blockchain, gain valuable experience by working with highly professional firms, and develop into the leading minds of Web3.

  • Osmosis
  • Lido
  • Jump
  • jane
  • near
  • a16z
  • polygon
  • solana
  • eigen
  • galaxy
  • algorand
  • polychain
  • manta
  • multicoin
  • arbitraum
  • dydx
  • okx
  • uniswap